Our Impact Targets

Canada’s grassroots rocket innovators to pursue their activities, collaborate, learn and thrive like never before.  As its centrepiece event, this organization aims to create and run Canada’s first-ever rocketry competition.  Using an incentive prize model, this competition will, for the first time, bring together Canada’s rocketry community from coast to coast with cash prizes to incentivize the development of significant rocket propulsion and launch vehicle technologies.  The competition currently has three private donors who have collectively offered an initial $30 000 in prize money.

The competition has as its high-level goals:

  • The creation of launch opportunities for amateur rockets in Canada

  • Incentivizing the development of significant rocket and space launch-related technologies and capabilities to enable the creation of innovative Canadian companies to support the new global launch industry, both as suppliers of complex hardware and software, and potentially as developers of complete vehicles.

  • Developing a pipeline of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced aerospace professionals through challenging hands-on rocket engineering projects

  • Supporting STEM education through the use of rocketry

  • Providing a unique forum for Canada’s rocket community (students, professionals, researchers and amateurs) and all interested stakeholders to come together, network, collaborate, learn and compete.

  • Elevating the profile of rocketry in Canada, and amateur rocketry in particular, and providing a highly visible showcase of Canadian exceptionalism