Three categories of incentive prizes to encourage the development and demonstration of Canadian talent and sounding rocket and launch vehicle technologies.


This contest series is intended to be a recurring annual competition with three major categories - each with allocated prize money as a percentage of total industry donated prize money raised (the current prize purse is $30,000 CAD).

The competition also aims to engage with partners in industry as well as government agencies, to provide them the opportunity to help develop specific challenges to encourage the development of specific technologies or skill sets that the partner organization deems valuable.


beginner launch challenge

A more accessible challenge intended for less experienced teams to build their expertise and interact with the larger Canadian rocketry community. This will involve building and launching a rocket to an altitude of 10 000 feet. The use of off-the-shelf “hobby” rocket motors will be permitted, and in addition to reaching the target altitude, points will be awarded for vehicles that demonstrate a useful payload.

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Subsystem design challenge

This contest will adopt a “science fair”-type approach to allow teams to develop and demonstrate sophisticated rocket technologies at the component or subsystem level. A strong emphasis will be placed on the entrepreneurial aspect of technology development. Teams will be expected to pitch their technology to the panel of judges, demonstrating an understanding of the potential business case for their technology and the broader competitive landscape.

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advanced launch challenge

This challenge emphasizes the successful launch of sophisticated rocket vehicles with student-developed propulsion systems to high altitudes. This competition will emphasize overall systems engineering, and will incentivize the use of innovative technologies and concepts, and the development of reusable launch vehicle technologies.


Our Partners

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Telegistics Inc.
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 "The Canadian Space Society is proud to support the Canadian Rocket Competition. We wish this event will gather many talented Canadian rocketry teams to demonstrate their innovative skills and inspire future rocketry enthusiasts.”

- Damya Souami, Ph.D. President, Canadian Space Society

“Reaction Dynamics Lab Inc. has recognized the Launch Canada Rocket Innovation Challenge as an important organization within Canada which will enable the development of advanced skills relevant to Reaction Dynamics among engineering students, serve as an excellent recruitment ground for Reaction Dynamics, and generally improve the space industry ecosystem in Canada.”

- Bachar Elzein, CEO & CTO, Reaction Dynamics

“We were blown away by the amount of enthusiasm for the Base 11 Space Challenge that came out of Canada. Seeing how much raw rocketry talent is there, I'm excited to partner with the Launch Canada competition to help unlock that talent, create more opportunities in STEM for everyone, and show the world what we can accomplish together.”

- Landon Taylor, CEO, Base 11


Are you a member of industry interested in supporting this great event?