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+ When will this happen?

It is currently envisioned that the inaugural event will take place in the summer/fall 2019. Given the enthusiasm for this competition among the student rocket teams, it will be important to take student schedules into consideration. Various student Canadian rocketry teams are providing their feedback to help set a concrete target date. Given that the current Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in the US has a high profile, it is preferred to ensure that our competition does not conflict with it but is instead a complementary event.

+ Where will the competition launches take place?

A suitable location is being sought, and multiple candidates are currently under consideration. Bearing in mind that teams bringing rockets will likely need to drive to the competition, it is desirable to hold the competition at a location that is reasonably central and accessible to teams from across the country, with the added caveat that the majority are located in Quebec and Ontario. It is also essential to ensure that the site provides a suitably large, open and ideally relatively flat area and can accommodate launches to high altitudes in excess of 10 km without posing a hazard to aircraft. Several Canadian Forces Bases are potential candidates for this. CFB Cold Lake in Alberta has already expressed interest in hosting. A more central location might be CFB Shilo (Manitoba). On the east coast, CFB Gagetown (NB) is also a candidate and has some history of hosting high-power hobby rocket launches.

+ What is the prize purse?

The current purse is 30,000 CAD.

+ What defines the technical requirements for my rocket?

All developed systems must comply with the General Challenge System Requirements. Everything else is up to you.

+ Who can participate?

Teams from any Canadian institution of higher-learning are eligable to participate. Please see the Official Rules for complete eligability requirements.

+ How can I get invovlved if I am not a student?

Companies can join as sponsors by providing materials, facilities, or expertise to support the teams. Individuals can volunteer their time as mentors for teams or make financial contributions. Please contact us to let us know how you want to help make this awesome.

+ Do teams keep their Intellectual Property?

Yes! All intellectual property rights, if any, in the idea, concept, or activities demonstrated by the Submission will remain with the Competition Team.

+ Who is making this happen?

We are a team of Canadian engineers, entrepreneurs, and rocket enthusiasts. We the have support of the Satellite Canada Innovation Network, Canadian Space Society and Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute. The competition is also a partner of the Base 11 Space Challenge and aims to complement that effort and help support those Canadian teams taking part in it. Several universities have also expressed their support, as have a number of private companies. We are actively seeking to engage with as many stakeholders across the country as possible to build this into a major high-profile event in the Canadian aerospace innovation landscape.

Let us know if you are interested in helping out!

The team roster lists a number of roles, and ideally, all roles will be filled. Teams are encouraged to assign members to specific roles. However, 4 student roles and 1 faculty role are required. Specific names must be entered into these 5 roles for the team entry to be complete. The required roles are:

  1. Faculty Advisor
  2. CEO (team leader)
  3. Chief Engineer
  4. Chief Safety Officer
  5. Business Development Director (business and marketing)

+ When will can we get more details?

Soon. Sign up and you will be informed!